I offer calligraphy services that would be needed for any special events, including weddings. Calligraphy can be used in many ways to make your event stand out amongst others.

Envelope Calligraphy

An envelope is the very first impression that your event will give to your guests. Color schemes, stamp choices, wax seals, and calligraphy styles all contribute to the first look of your event or wedding. With advancing technology, calligraphic styles can be achieved in other ways than a professional calligrapher, however the feeling when your guests receive a hand addressed envelope in the mail will always be worth the bit of extra money. 

The starting cost for envelope calligraphy is $2.50/envelope (not including material costs). The price can go up depending on type of ink, calligraphy style et cetera. For a more precise estimate and openings please contact me. 

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Day of Goods

Day of goods can include anything from menu design and place cards to hand painted chalkboards or wood signs. These can be personalized to your exact liking to fit the style and theme of your event. Whether you need a wood sign with the bride and groom's signature drinks, or need place cards for a gala event, you and I can figure out exactly what you need to make your event a beautiful success.

The pricing of all of these goods will vary depending on the specifics of what you're asking for. Place cards start at $1.25/place card (not including material costs). Menu design and other goods are more difficult to give a starting price. For a more precise estimate and openings please contact me.